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“When he performed ‘Bring Him Home’ it was as if he was God’s anointed vocalist” – Baz Bamigboye (Daily Mail)

Decca Records and SJM are delighted to announce that due to overwhelming demand, with a number of December
dates already sold out, another 14 shows have been added to the Alfie Boe “Bring Him Home Tour”. Starting at Bristol’s Colston Hall in December and now finishing in Gateshead in February, Alfie – known as ‘the nation’s tenor’, will play tomany thousands of fans. Finally, everyone across the country, will get the opportunity to watch him perform.

Bring Him Home, the showstopper from Les Miserables, was the first song tenor Alfie Boe ever performed on stage – at
the age of 14. Little did he know then that one day he would be singing it to adoring fans in a tour covering most of
Britain’s finest concert halls. These eagerly anticipated concerts follow in the wake of a hugely successful album which
stormed the UK Album Charts, reaching No.9 and going Gold within weeks. The title of the album……Bring Him Home.
Originally, Alfie worked as an apprentice car mechanic at a sports car factory and would often sing to entertain his
colleagues. One day he was overheard by a customer who was so impressed he suggested Boe take it further . . .And so
many are thankful that he did.


The Bring Him Home Tour:

Tuesday 6 December Bristol Colston Hall 0117 922 3686
Wednesday 7 December London Royal Festival Hall 0844 847 9910
Thursday 8 December Brighton Dome 01273 709709
Monday 12 December Cardiff St David’s Hall 029 2087 8444
Tuesday 13 December Birmingham Symphony Hall 0121 780 3333
Wednesday 14 December Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 0151 709 3789
Friday 16 December Gateshead Sage 0191 443 4661
Saturday 17 December Blackpool Opera House 0844 811 0051
Sunday 18 December Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 0115 989 5555

The additional shows; tickets go on sale on Friday 25th March, from 10am.

Tuesday 17 January Llandudno Venue Cymru Theatre 01492 872000
Wednesday 18 January Swindon Oasis 01793 445 401
Friday 20 January Plymouth Pavilions 0845 146 1460
Saturday 21 January Bournemouth Intl Centre 0844 576 3000
Monday 23 January Northampton Derngate 01604 624811
Tuesday 24 January Ipswich Regent 01473 4331000
Wednesday 25 January Leicester De Montfort Hall 0116 233 31111
Friday 27 January Manchester Bridgewater Hall 0161 907 9000
Saturday 28 January Harrogate Intl Centre 0845 130 8840
Sunday 29 January Glasgow Clyde Auditorium 0844 499 9990
Tuesday 31 January Birmingham Symphony Hall 0121 780 3333
Wednesday 1 February Sheffield City Hall 0114 2789789
Friday 3 February Preston Guildhall 01772 258 858
Saturday 4 February Gateshead Sage 0191 443 4661
Onsale Friday 25 March at 10am / 0844 811 0051

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  • When are you coming to the United States>!>!>

  • Alfie – soooo glad you are coming to Preston in feb! I’ll be booking tickets at 10am tomorrow so that I can get the best seats – fantastic!

  • When is Alfie going to tour the US? I live in Ft Lauderdale Florida and we have a fabulous theater for him to perform in.

  • YES, please come to the United States. Grand Rapids, MI would be amazing but I will
    travel to where ever I must. Hope to see you soon.

  • Just discovered you. What a privledge it is to listen to you.
    I live in SW Florida (Fort Myers). What a blessing it would be for you to tour our area. You have made me fall in love with musical theatre and classical.

  • Yes…please come to United States..Maryland/Philadelphia/DC area!!!

  • Have watched over and over the 25th anniversary celebration of Les Miz….when are you touring the States??

  • PLEASE PLEASE come to the U.S.

  • You must come to Phoenix, Arizona!!! USA!!!

  • Alfie, Lincoln Center is waiting for you!

  • It was love at “first listen.” I too have watched the 25th anniversary show over and over. Please come to America!

  • Loved your performance in the Les Mis 25th ann. concert! wish you would come to the US!! The only other person I have ever enjoyed as much was John Cudia! we are going to see the show in Omaha NE. but i sure wish it was you or John Cudia! I know we will enjoy though.

  • Alfie, please come to New York! Would love to see you in concert! You have a rare and precious gift.

  • Please …we would love to have you here in the NYC area…please come!

  • Waiting for you in America – New Jersey to be exact. 1hour from Broadway!

  • Alfie, you comment in the liner notes for the “Bring Him Home” CD that your Les Miserables dresser Frankie always reminded you to “pray well” before you sang “Bring Him Home.” I think you were praying all the way through “Bring Him Home”. Thank you!

    I join the others who plead with you to come to the U.S. I live in Colorado but I’ll be wherever you are singing.

  • Please come to the US – we’d love to see you in Boston!!!

  • Alfie! Please come to the United States!!!! Pick one: New York, Chicago or Los Angles–I promise I’d be there!!!
    Your Biggest Fan from Across the Pond

  • Saw Les Mis in Cleveland, Ohio last night…first time seeing it! Was blown away and so surfing the net for all things Les Mis today….found you in the process…blown away again! I hope you have enough support in the US to construct a profitable tour here in the near future! I’ll be there!

  • Alfie, please come to the US!! Arizona is beautiful this time of year!!! We would love to have you here!!

  • I have come back to classical music after listening to you. What a talent. Please come to the US. I live in Nashville, Tennessee and our Symphony Hall is one of the best in the world. We look forward to seeing you

  • You would make millions in the US and restore real musucal theatre here.

  • Saw you on Late Late show last night. Already have Bring Me Home album. What about coming to Dublin to do concert? Would love to see you live!

  • Alfie,You are AMAZING! Please come to California! We would love to see you!!

  • Will you come to beautiful, sunny California (Orange County, in particular)? Please grace our music hall with your performance.

  • When will you be performing in Dublin again? Saw you on Late Late show – fabulous. Would love to see you in concert here – you’d be very welcome.

  • amazing the Alfie Boe Apprecian Society started with just one
    person in Keswick ,,now worldwide!! looking forward to seeing/hearing u dec. 17th blackpool.. always welcome in the lakes God bless slainte. bill

  • There are 50 states here to visit. PLEASE come back and discover all the ones you’ve yet to visit! In the meantime, great luck with your tour. Be well, have fun, and know that your fans love you.

  • I agree with everyone else…We NEED you in the U.S….A cross country tour would be amazing!!!

  • God has given you a wonderful voice!!! Enjoy YOU and your SINGING greatly. Stay as real as you are now. Don’t let it get to you! Now, ok….WHEN AMERICA????? We are all waiting for it! Not fair for the rest of the world for you and your family to stay in merry ‘ole England. Please come on over to the ex-colonies and entertain us! Thanks!

  • Thankyou very much for coming to the Isle of Man. It brought back lots of lovely memories. You’ve still got that twinkle in your eye that clearly has all the ladies swooning lol!! Can I ask that next time you come, you try to come mid week – if it’s not too much to ask? We have a bar here, and it’s been like a war zone here today because my other half wouldn’t come with me last night (Friday and Saturdays are out, no way jose, but Monday – Thursday is fine lol!)

    If you could fit your busy schedule around that it’s be great – there migh even be a drink or two in it… Cheers!

    I’d like him to see first hand what all the fuss is about. x

  • I would like to suggest that Mr. Boe may wish to come to the United States to tour as well. I recently saw him perform (rather belatedly I am afraid) on PBS Television here in the 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables and was transformed into an instant fan. I have been listening to opera since I was a child (I am 60 now). I was never able to interest my three children in it but after seeing Mr. Boe in the 25th Anniversary special of Les Mis they are now at more than willing to listen to him sing it. I just ordered his three albums and pre-ordered his upcoming one. I was disappointed to see on his tour schedule that it is only in England. I have listened to Pavoroti sing Nessun Dorma thousands of times and wish to say that listening to this young man sing it in the apartment of Matt Lucas I was absolutely blown away. If he can sing it that well without the benefit of a concert Hall then I would pay anything to see him sing it in one in person. I live in Oregon with the biggest city being Portland. I sincerely hope that Mr. Boe would here in the US and would consider touring even a smaller city such as ours. I am sure that since the PBS special of Les Mis. you would certainly sell out one if not more shows. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Christine M. Riedl

  • Alfie, I know that some day soon you will tour the U.S. I only hope that you will be in a city where I can see you in performance. If sales in opera DVD have sky rocketed it is because of people like me who bought the English National Opera DVD La Boheme, and fell in love with you as Rodolfo. I have always loved opera but did not know that there are so many operas in a DVD format easily accessible today with closed caption. You have brought opera back into my life and I thank you sincerely. I am 75 years old. Never too old to fall in love again.

  • Naples florida is waiting for you. PLEASE COME!!!!!!!! or get close to Naples and I and all my friends will come to you.

  • Discovered you on the 25th anniversary performace of Les Mis on PBS June 4th and was totally mesmerized by the entire show and your fabulous voice in particular! Do schedule a tour to the USA soon!

  • When are you coming to Ireland????? PLEASE….

  • I add my voice to the requests to come to the US. We would love to see you in Boston. Do you know Paul Byrom? He’s a tenor from Ireland who has relocated to the US. Would love to see you two sing together someplace. :) I loved your performance in Les Mis – have to admit first I’d heard of you – but you have a special gift. Thank you!!!!

  • please come to Tampa, Florida…beautiful theatre awaits your wonderful voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dorothy&dave

  • Waiting to see you in San Diego, California. Anywhere you come within 4000 miles, I’ll be there. Bring him home (to USA)!

  • I know Alfie, that Sacramento California would welcome you with open arms if you ever came to the US for a tour. You’re amazing!

  • PLEASE come to St. Paul, MN. We have the wonderful Ordway theater where I have seen Les Miz on many occasions but would so love to see you perform in person. You are a gifted artist and what an event that would be.

  • Don’t forget Canada when you come to North America. We have many world class theatres all across Canada-especially in Ottawa at the National Arts Centre. You have many many fans in Canada, Alfie, please consider coming here too!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift-I listen to your CD’s while cruisin’ in my convertible–the sound is incredible!!!!!

  • Alfie you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, waiting for you to come to the States. Make it happen for us. Hop the pond and see how much America wants you here. Most would travel 1000 miles in a crouded car to come and watch you for 10 minuites! I’m comin to UK this fall and I’m definately stopping to see the 25th anni. of Les Mis. Hope to see you at The MET or Madison Square Gardens!

  • Hey how come Hull is not on the tour list?
    I know our city isnt the most glamorous. But, we have a beautiful City hall with marvellous acoustics, perfect for your voice.
    Please consider our fair city in the future. And we are closer than Boston USA!

  • We have been privileged to hear your voice via KPBS starring in Les Miserables, but we await your arrival in America as your God-given talent and annointed voice have been embraced by 1000’s of music lovers across the pond. Please come to America and bless us with your magnificent talent and personality!!

  • Please, please, please come to the States. Or to eastern Canada – I’d gladly come to Toronto or Ottawa or even Montreal to hear you! It is so hard to wait but we’re trying to be patient!

  • There is nothing you’ve done that hasn’t transported me. If you would only be transported to Chicago! Great luck in Les Mis – we’re all thinking of you…

  • Denver, Colorado USA!!! Red Rocks AMP, beautiful place to perform. It was good enough for U2. You have a place to stay if you come here.

  • I, too, was introduced to you through the 25th anniversary O2 concert and was blown away by what I was hearing. You do have a gift and I was particularly taken by the reaction of the other players to your success that night, especially Michael Ball. I’ll have to add my bid for yet another city for you to perform….Houston with it’s southern hospirality. Bought your album and love it. Continued good fortune. C

  • Hi there I just bought albie now album and its amazing to listen to. I would love to meet him and could I have his autograph. Please send it to kelly bickford 35 poppy close pilgrims hatch brentwood cm159qj thank you. By for now

  • New Orleans…New Orleans…New Orleans…PLEASE COME…PLEASE COME!!!!

  • Oh! I need to know the US tour dates! I can hardly wait!

  • Please come to the US!!!!!

  • Come to the Midwest US. You will love Kansas City and Kansas City will LOVE YOU!

  • Please come to the Mayflower in Southampton.

  • Please consider coming to Indianapolis or Chicago for a concert. There are so many people that would love to see you.

  • Please come to Washington D.C or Philidephia.

  • Alfie would sell out, again, again, again, in Boston & Providence and all over New England!

  • Gret evening on Wednesday fron the Festival Hall. Saw it at the cinema in Bury !

    Please can you consider ditching the mic stand ? Lets see morre of you moving around please !

    But a great selection of songs – loved ‘Being Alive’ but would have liked fuller versions of the ‘medley (South Pacific,My Fair Lady etc.)

    What a surprising rockin’ end – not what I expected at all !!!!

  • Delighted to see Alfie is coming to Aberystwyth next year – can’t wait!

  • A stunning show at The Sage. What a delight.

  • Please get a decent sound engineer before you come back to Bournemouth – rubbish tonight

  • I came to London especially to hear you sing and hope one day you;ll come to Arizona so everyone can see why it was money well spent. Please, please, please! The Grand Canyon State will love your Grand Voice. (I hope that one day you’ll record “Anthem” – it needs a truly great voice like yours?)

  • ditto ditto indianapolis or chicago but i live in music city nashville tn we will give you a good southern welcome and we have an excellent symphony hall see you there!

  • I went to see alfie boe in les miserables last year and met him outside. apart from the most incredible voice he is one of the m ost nicest men and took time to talk to me as i was grieving over the loss of my beautiful son of 35 years and I played -BRING HIM HOME – at my sons funeral 18 months ago as this song has been my favourite for many many years. I cry everytime i hear it. I will book to see him in brighton as that is the nearest to me. mary

  • please please please please PLEASE come to the US!!! Washington, D.C. specifically!!!

  • Please please PLEASE come to Alabama!!!! We have GREAT food on top of having awesome musicians!! You’d love Dixie! PLEASE! You’re AWESOME!


  • “please come to Texas for the springtime” (that was sung to you by Dave Loggins)ha! We really plead for you to bless us with your amazing,God given talent here in the states. I would meet you halfway? Say Colorado, uh Utah ? ( Free boarding there) Anyway….think about it!

  • I wish u were coming to Cambridge. A brilliant opera singer and u were brilliant in Les Miserables

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